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Paradenti Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible
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With strap for American Football Helmet inside. By improving the gel-fit liner where your teeth sit, the Gel Max is now easier to fit correctly. In addition, we've engineered the mouthguard to have a convertible tether so you can wear your Gel Max strapped or strapless.

All these improvements were made without sacrificing the great fit, comfort and protection you expect from the always reliable, never-fail Gel Max Mouthguard. High impact shock absorption Ultimate custom gel fit Convertible Tether to use strapped or straplesst.

  • High impact shock absorption 
  • Ultimate custom gel fit 
  • Convertible Tether to use strapped or strapless


Paradenti Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible

Produttore:Shock Doctor
N. di catalogo:61X3A
Nostro prezzo: 18.90 €

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