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Schutt AiR XP PRO Q10 with Titanium Facemask
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Including Titanium facemask

New Air XP PRO Q10 deliver exceptional performance, unbeatable comfort and unmatched looks. The latest model Q10 uses a smaller profile and a new Helmet Stabilization System to appeal to even more players.

The helmet includes a titanium facemask to keep the weight down and a hard cup SC-4 chinstrap.

Schutt Sports is driven by the relentless dedication to the player. We build gear for performance. We build gear for protection. We build gear for players. Maybe that’s why we have more 5-Star Rated Helmets than anyone else. Or why over 50% of NFL Skill Position players wear Schutt helmets. Or why we’ve had the highest ranked helmet in NFL Helmet Testing since 2010. The Q10 is the newest helmet in the Schutt lineup. It’s everything players love from the Z10, but in the look and fit of the AiR XP Pro. The helmet features a new helmet shell that’s lightweight, along with our all-new Helmet Stabilization System. It also features a newly re-engineered front pad and inflatable crown liner, and SC4 Hard Cup Chin Strap and a TPU-enhanced SUREFIT air liner.

AiR XP Pro Q10 for Performance.

The graceful, fast curves of this classic helmet radiate speed and light weight. This helmet shell has traditionally been our most popular in the NFL, where over 50% of the skill players wear Schutt.

AiR XP Pro Q10 for Protection.

TPU Cushioning is used throughout the helmet. TPU Cushioning has been proven to absorb more impact across a wider variety of temperatures than any other football helmet. The Q10 features the allnew Helmet Stabilization System, which

AiR XP Pro Q10 for Players

The helmet that’s best for any player is the helmet that fits him the best. Schutt helmets are legendary for their comfort and fit, thanks to features like the SUREFIT air liner. The Helmet Stabilization System frames your face and gives you a secure, “locked in” feel inside the helmet. Air flow inside the helmet is enhanced with the open sided TPU Cushions.

Q10 Sizes:
  • MEDIUM - head circumference 52 - 55.80 cm
  • LARGE - head circumference 55.80 - 59.70 cm
  • XLARGE - head circumference 59.70 cm - 63,50 cm


Schutt AiR XP PRO Q10 with Titanium Facemask

N. di catalogo:F788900-WTF
Quantità della voce:1.9 kg
Nostro prezzo: 395.00 €
Disponibilità:merce non disponibile
Periodo di consegna: 2 - 4 giorni

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