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Douglas Legacy & Battlefield Series

New for 2017 is the Legacy Shoulder Pad Series. This series was named by our customers with one goal in mind, recognized those that have been designing and making the most protective shoulder pad on the market for 30 years, Rogers Douglas, Doug Douglas, and Jeff Douglas. Their choice for designs in this series will change your game. The Legacy Series is one of the most streamlined, low profile shoulder pad series on the market. These lightweight pads will still provide the maximum protection using the Air-Management system, but also allow the athlete more vision while playing the game due to their low-profile design.

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Douglas Pads Legacy DD Douglas Pads Legacy JD Douglas Pads Legacy RD
Legacy & Battlefield Series Douglas Pads Legacy DD
Legacy & Battlefield Series Douglas Pads Legacy JD
Legacy & Battlefield Series Douglas Pads Legacy RD

Douglas Shoulder Pads Legacy DD
Skill Positions: RB, DB, TE, QB, WR

Douglas Shoulder Pads Legacy JD
Skill Positions: QB, WR, CB & KP

Douglas Shoulder Pads Legacy RD
Skill Positions: OL, DL, LB, DE, TE

Disponibilità: disponibile Disponibilità: disponibile Disponibilità: disponibile
199.00 €
199.00 €
199.00 €

Douglas Pads Battlefield Linemen Douglas Pads Battlefield Multi-Skill
Legacy & Battlefield Series Douglas Pads Battlefield Linemen
Legacy & Battlefield Series Douglas Pads Battlefield Multi-Skill

Douglas Shoulder Pads Battlefield Linemen
Designed For: OL, DL, LB, DE, TE


Douglas Shoulder Pads Battlefield Multi-Skill
Designed For: QB, WR, RB, DB, ...

Disponibilità: disponibile Disponibilità: disponibile
146.00 €
146.00 €

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