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Football Player Set Vengeance PRO
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One of our top offered Football Player Sets includes the high end, world-famous Schutt Vengeance VTD II or Vengeance PRO helmet, known also from the NFL. Best choice for all types of players as well as positions. Play best according to your ability with this superior starter set. Just wear and play.

Player Set Contains:
  • Schutt Football Helmet Vengeance PRO or Vengeance VTD II
  • Schutt Facemask (on your choise) - see table below
  • Excellent Douglas new series Shoulderpads Legacy (on your choice and player position) 
  • Mouthguard Vettex with facemask strap.
1. Measure YOUR head CIRCUMFERENCE as shown 2.5cm above the eyebrows around the widest part of your head.  

2.Measure your shoulder width as shown on the picture "tip to tip" and choose your size

3. Choose your facemask style by position "see table below"


Football Player Set Vengeance PRO

Produttore:Bayer Sports
N. di catalogo:FPS-VGN
Quantità della voce:7.9 kg
Prezzo ordinario nei negozi: 575.00
Nostro prezzo: 519.00 €
Risparmia: 56.00 €

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