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Riddell Response to Address Aftermarket Accessories

  • Football helmets and face masks worn by professional, collegiate, high school and most youth football players are required to meet National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) performance standards.
  • NOCSAE certification is conducted by Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), an ISO 17065 conformity assessment organization. The certification process involves rigorous internal product testing, independent laboratory testing and a sound quality assurance program. Each helmet and face mask model is certified by SEI to meet NOCSAE performance standards.
  • The certification is void if the helmet or face mask is modified in any way. Riddell recommends against the use of any third party aftermarket accessories that alter the fit, form or function of the helmet or face mask as such modifications void the NOCSAE certification and render the helmet or face mask illegal for most organized play.


Riddell Diamond Technology - coming soon


Riddell partners with Carbon® to produce first-ever 3D printed football helmet liner.

The Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond Helmet Delivers Next Generation Innovation with New Digitally Manufactured Football Helmet Liner.

Riddell and Carbon have partnered to bring customized, digital design innovation to head protection through Riddell’s new Diamond helmet platform. Powered by Carbon, the new platform features a 3D printed lattice liner that is digitally manufactured using Carbon’s proprietary Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) technology. The technology is initially available in the Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond helmet model, which features Riddell’s Precision-Fit head scanning and helmet fitting process. The result is next-generation head protection for today’s athletes--a customized, 3D printed helmet liner precisely contoured to the athlete’s head.

“Riddell is known for head protection leadership. Our partnership with Carbon, Silicon Valley’s leading digital manufacturer, reinforces our commitment to advancing on-field protection for football players,” said Riddell Senior Vice President of Research and Product Development, Thad Ide. “As the first to use digital manufacturing in football helmets, Riddell continues our industry leadership by embracing promising new technologies and advancing our innovation roadmap today and into the future.”

“At Carbon, we believe in using the power of technology to advance innovation. Our platform enables companies like Riddell to make products that were never thought possible,” said CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Joseph DeSimone. “With this partnership, Riddell becomes one of the largest users of 3D printers in the world. We are proud to be at the forefront of digital manufacturing of protective equipment."

The core technology uses a custom designed, highly damping elastomer from Carbon, in the form of a lattice structure to create the helmet liner. The Carbon Lattice Engine leverages physical simulation and optimization techniques to tune structures to further manage both linear and rotational impact energies. Each helmet is made up of more than 140,000 individual struts, carefully orchestrated into patterns for attenuating impact forces while providing excellent comfort and fit. The result is a Carbon DLS-printed, custom fit, impact absorbing helmet liner designed to advance the state-of-the-art in head protection. Riddell’s proprietary database of over 5 million impacts captured by Riddell’s smart helmet technology will allow for custom and individualized tuning of lattice structures in the future.

Carbon’s recent breakthroughs in software, hardware and materials make the Diamond platform possible. The very latest advancements in Carbon’s platform include the new L1 printer and custom resin material. The L1, also being unveiled by Carbon today, is specially designed and built to produce at scale. The custom resin used to print the lattice structures in the Diamond liners was designed specifically to meet Riddell’s rigorous performance requirements.

“As someone who’s spent thousands of hours watching film, I know that no two players play the same way,” said Riddell Strategic Advisor and Brand Ambassador Peyton Manning. “They all have different styles and tendencies on the field, which is another key benefit to Riddell’s Diamond technology. With the SpeedFlex Precision Diamond, players are not only experiencing the latest in head protection, they can also dictate where the helmet is positioned to improve sightlines and maximize field vision.”

Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond helmets were used by select players on most NFL teams during the 2018 season and will be commercially available on a limited basis at the elite level starting in 2019.


Riddell Insite - Disponibile ora. Per informazioni dettagliate sul funzionamento di InSite Training Tool (ITT), chiamare Bayer Team Sports o inviare e-mail.

The Riddell InSite Impact Response System is a new integrated monitoring and alerting tool designed specifically for the proactive protection of football players. Riddell developed InSite based on its Head Impact Telemetry System (HITS) and Sideline Response System (SRS), a technology that has analyzed nearly 5 million impacts since 2003.


Perché i caschi Riddell sono i migliori sul mercato


Nuovo 2019 Douglas Destroyer-2 Paraspalle Disponibile

Disponibile Online


Riddell SpeedFlex allegato maschera


Riddell elenco dei colori disponibili.


Paraspalle Douglas Custom Pads Series 2019

New 2019 Douglas Custom Pad Series available to order online.


Nuovo Casco Schutt F7 Custom - disponibile


    Il casco Varsity F7 è il casco più recente della famiglia Schutt. Questo casco caratterizza il nuovo sistema Tectonic Plate 3DM per migliorare la gestione dell'energia di rotazione e dell'assorbimento d'impatto. Queste piastre mobili insieme a cinque altri strati di protezione creano il sistema di gestione dell'energia. Il F7 ha il rivestimento TPU Surefit AiR che consente all'aria di muoversi più liberamente creando una misura più sicura e personalizzata. Le nuove protezioni del viso F7 offrono un design conico per una maggiore gamma di movimento e una ridotta area di impatto che promuove più un colpo d'occhio sugli impatti frontali.


    Riddell Foundation lo stock nel negozio Bologna

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