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UA Flavorblast Strapped Mouthguard Cool Mint
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The UA FlavorBlast Antimicrobial athletic mouthguard is embedded with both flavor beads and antimicrobial technology that delivers long lasting flavor and the ultimate protection. Infused with a terrific taste – available in four flavors – you won’t want to play or practice without it. The UA FlavorBlast Antimicrobial mouthguard is the only athletic mouthguard treated with patented silver-ion antimicrobial technology that prevents the growth of mildew, odors and stains caused by certain fungus, bacteria, and microorganisms on the mouthguard. Worn on the upper teeth, this athletic mouthguard is designed for all team contact sports.

  • Long lasting flavor, designed to last for the life of the mouthguard
  • Fruit Punch, Berry, Bubble Gum or Cool Mint
  • Latex Free
  • Meets NFHS® rules
  • Not for use with braces
  • Available in two styles: strapped or strapless
  • Made in USA

UA Flavorblast Strapped Mouthguard Cool Mint

Produttore:Under Armour
N. di catalogo:R11554A
Prezzo ordinario nei negozi: 18.50
Nostro prezzo: 9.50 €
Risparmia: 9.00 €

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