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Douglas CP FF17 Cantilever
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About the FF17 Cantilever:
  • FF17 is the ultimate Skill Position pad. With its streamline arch design, Super Shaved SC-18 Epaulets, and Junior Reverse Cups, it gives the positions of QB, WR, RB, DB, K, P, the ultimate range of motion for passing, catching and the flexibility to help make football moves.
  • This lightweight pad, with a ¾ inch Air-Management Main Body Cushion, along with the ½ inch Removable Channel System, provides the best combination, for dispersing the energy of the big hits that come along in the game of football.
  • Weight approximately 3.75 lbs.
  • Available in XS-XL , Sku# PCJDC
Air Management Technology

The protective padding (cushion) of the shoulder pad is made of open cell foam. Within the foam are thousands of tiny air cells. By adhering the outer fabric to the foam, a sealed environment is created trapping the air inside of the cushion. When an outside force is exerted on to the shoulder pad shell (load spreader), the force causes the shell to push on the cushion, forcing the air to move within the cells of the foam out 360 degrees, thereby lessening the blow from being felt straight in to the point of impact. There is a much wider area of dispersion, resulting in less trauma to the body

Paraspalle Douglas CP FF17 Cantilever

N. di catalogo:PCJDC
Quantità della voce:1.7 kg
Nostro prezzo: 465.00 €
Disponibilità:merce non disponibile
Periodo di consegna: 2-5 settimane

N. cat.Taglia ParaspalleDisponibile?
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