Gilman Gear 5-Man Sled Liftback

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Gilman Gear


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Best selling and mostly used Gilman Gear 5-Man Sled Liftback with Bod Pad. Liftback comes with a "lift" mechanism. Allows each pad to be driven upward. The degree of lift is determined by setting a pin in one of three slots. The first slot locks it down. The second and third slots allow 5" and 8" upward lift.

The 5-Man Sled gives you the look of a “50” defense. Against this front, you can work your interior line on stance, take-off and leg drive. Wide pad spacing gives you the angles to execute any kind of block. From a head-up alignment, drive through the center of the pad to execute a drive block. From an outside shade, hit the pad at an angle and execute a reach block. Line up between the pads and execute a down or cut-off block. Pad splits 42". Sled length 20'. "The coaching point (additional charge) is to teach proper stance and alignment against realistic targets and resistance!" 

About Gilman Gear Sleds:

Gilman Sleds are top quality, strong, and long lasting, with an unmatched durability. We have been at the top of our game since 1929 and our sleds and other athletic equipment are used by pro teams, school teams, universities, organizations, youth athletics, and more. Succeeding at football takes persistent training with the proper sports equipment. 

Gilman Gear offers exercise sleds, football sleds, sled and chutes, youth sleds, king crab sleds, crab sleds, weighted sleds, sled accessories, and other types of training equipment for field training and football drills to accomplish all of your football training needs.