Battle "Alien" Cloaked Receiver Gloves

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Battle "Alien" Cloaked Receiver Gloves Medium Disponibile 68,90 €
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68,90 €
Battle "Alien" Cloaked Receiver Gloves XLarge Non disponibile
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68,90 €

Guanti football americano Receiver

Battle Adult Football Receiver Gloves are made for football players who play hard and keep reaching. That’s why we've designed them with newly reinforced stitching and wear points. And it’s why we stand by our product with the only 90-Day durability guarantee on the market. Made with PerfectFit breathable material and Ultra-Stick palm that takes you right to the legal stick limit. The proof is in your hands.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-Stick palm 
  • PerfectFit material for the ultimate in comfort, breath-ability and performance
  • Limited edition design
  • Wrist allows for freedom of motion
  • Velcro closure wrist-strap for snug fit
  • Meets NCAA/NOCSAE standards


  • Ultra-Stick offers highest quality tackified material in the industry
  • Reinforced stitching at weak points