Casco Riddell Speed Icon - Purple High Gloss

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Circonferenza della testa (2,5 cm sopra le sopracciglia)

  • Medium:  20 3/8” - 22” (51,75 - 55,88 cm)
  • Large:      22” - 23 ½” (55,88 - 59,69 cm)
  • XLarge:   23 ½” e su (59,69 cm e su)

Designed for performance - one of the most recognizable helmets to hit the field. 

  • HS4 Face Mask
  • Quick Release™
  • Quick Change Liner Attachment System
  • Patented Side Impact Protection (PSIP)
  • Air Fit Liner

Patented Side Impact Protection with HS4 Face Masks, Quick Release Face Mask Attachment System, Quick Change Liner Attachment System, NuBuckOverliner, Air Fit Liners for proper fit, comfort and stability.

The Riddell Speed Football Helmet has been a long time favorite throughout the NFL & NCAA and Riddell has upgraded its components for the new Speed Icon. In addition to patented Side Impact Protection, a quick release face mask attachment system, and custom inflation, the Speed Icon now has an improved NuBuck over-liner for added comfort, stability and breathability, HS4 facemask hardware designed specifically for the lighter weight and more flexible HS4 facemasks and screw bladder caps to lock in your bladder system to the shell for a stable and reliable fit.

  • Quick Release Face Guard System gives instant access for your face and mouth with this reusable facemask attachment system that cuts facemask removal time in half
  • S-Pad jaw pads are designed to provide the same protection to your jaw that parts of the helmet liner provide to your head. Made of energy management materials, these inflatable jaw pads effectively diffuse impact energy from the side of the head and face.
  • Adjustable liner delivers outstanding comfort and a secure fit to your head, especially in the back/neck/side, crown, and mandible areas of the helmet
  • NuBuck Overliner is a removable, moisture-resistant cover with antimicrobial properties
  • Upgraded liner provides comfort and stability
  • Aggressive Revo Speed shell profile
  • Oversized ventilation holes for extreme detailing and improved breathability
  • "No Rust" stainless steel hardware
  • Mid high hook-up soft cup chin strap - included
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
  • Pad Type: Foam padding with overliner
  • Inflatable: Yes
  • Compatible Facemasks: Riddell HS4 Facemasks
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