Casco Riddell SpeedFlex - Gold

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Casco Riddell SpeedFlex - Gold Medium Disponibile 499 €
Casco Riddell SpeedFlex - Gold Large Disponibile 499 €
Casco Riddell SpeedFlex - Gold XLarge Aprile - 2023
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549 €

Circonferenza della testa (1 cm sopra le sopracciglia): La circonferenza della testa si misura avvolgendo il metro attorno al capo, nel punto in cui la testa è più larga, approssimativamente a metà della fronte, sopra le sopracciglia.

  • Medium:  20 3/8” - 22” (51,75 - 55,88 cm)
  • Large:      22” - 23 ½” (55,88 - 59,69 cm)
  • XLarge:   23 ½” e su (59,69 cm e su)

State-of-the-art protection. Backed by extensive research and data from our millions of on-field impacts.  

  • The Flex System
  • Cam·Loc™ Retention System
  • Quick Change Liner Attachment System
  • Tru-Curve Liner System
  • All-Points Quick Release™
  • Occipital Lock
  • Air Fit Liner System
Detail Information:
  • Patented Side Impact Protection (PISP) helps reduce force from side impacts
  • The SpeedFlex System is flexibility engineering into the shell, facemask and clip to reduce impact force
  • Composite Energy Management keeps the strategically placed padding inside the helmet in place during games and practices
  • All-points quick release makes attaching and detaching facemasks easy
  • Inflatable custom fit liner and jaw pads help provide a perfect fit
  • A flexible liner designed for various head shapes provides comfort and stability
  • Removable moisture-resistant liner cover
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
  • Pad Type: Foam padding with overliner
  • Inflatable: Yes
  • Compatible Facemasks: Riddell SpeedFlex Facemasks 
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