Gilman Gear PNEUBACK Pop-Up Dummy

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Gilman Gear


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The PNEUBACK is a medium-sized air-filled pop-up. Air makes it safer to hit and lighter to move around. Frees players from having to hold the bags. Perfect scout team player. Always ready to take a shot and get up for more. Ideal for pass rush techniques, kick-out and stalk blocks. Offers the proper height and weight for high school players. Measures 55" tall. Sand weighted. Four handles. 
"The coaching point is to free up the players to block and tackle instead of being live dummies!"

  • The ATTACHABLE ARMS fasten to pop-up. Velcro patch holds ball. Use it to practice the strip drill. Each arm measures 6" diameter by 19" long.
  • The VELCRO BALL is a Wilson football with a Velcro patch sewn on its side.
  • Cover: 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester
  • Bottom: 22 oz. vinyl-coated polyester
  • Colors: Red or Blue
  • Core: Air
  • Weight: 75 lbs.