Riddell SpeedFlex InSite - Taglia Casco: Large

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Ottobre - 2022 - Arrivo previsto a ottobre
Taglia Casco Disponibilità Prezzo  Quantità
Riddell SpeedFlex InSite - Taglia Casco: Large Medium Consegna 15-35 giorni lavorativi 545 €
Riddell SpeedFlex InSite - Taglia Casco: Large Large Ottobre - 2022 545 €
Riddell SpeedFlex InSite - Taglia Casco: Large XLarge Consegna 15-35 giorni lavorativi 565 €
An integrated fivezone sensor pad that monitors and records nearly every head impact that occurs.
InSite version of SpeedFlex - How InSite Training Tool Works (ITT):
  • SMARTER HELMET TECHNOLOGY: Integrated head impact sensors monitor and record nearly every head impact that occurs.
  • IMPACT: An impact occurs and the Player Unit five-zone sensor pad quantifies it.
  • ANALYZE: The instrumented helmet evaluates whether the hit is above the threshold levels and collects Head Impact Exposure (HIE) data.
  • TRANSMIT & ALERT: If an impact or sequence of impacts exceeds a predetermined threshold, an alert is transmitted from the Player Unit and displayed on the Alert Monitor in real time.
  • ACT: The team staff utilizes actionable information during practices and games.
  • COLLECT: ITT builds interactive player impact profiles on a web-based platform.
  • EVALUATE: Utilize actionable information during practices and games.
Helmet Features:
  • Patented Side Impact Protection (PISP) helps reduce force from side impacts
  • The SpeedFlex System is flexibility engineering into the shell, facemask and clip to reduce impact force
  • Composite Energy Management keeps the strategically placed padding inside the helmet in place during games and practices
  • All-points quick release makes attaching and detaching facemasks easy
  • Inflatable custom fit liner and jaw pads help provide a perfect fit
  • A flexible liner designed for various head shapes provides comfort and stability
  • Removable moisture-resistant liner cover
  • Weight: 3.45 lbs
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
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